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Classic Weather Channel fans, you're not alone!

TWC Classics is the oldest and largest website devoted to The Weather Channel. Created in the summer of 1997, TWC Classics has amassed a large collection of audio, video, images, and information. Over 3,000 files and counting! Join me in taking a nostalgic look back at The Weather Channel's first 20 years.

Weather Channel History For November
Morning anchor format discontinued.

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'Weekend In Monaco' by The Rippingtons
"Weekend In Monaco" by The Rippingtons
'Dark Passage' by Clifford Marshall Van Buren
"Dark Passage" by Clifford Marshall Van Buren
Eating Smart: Cheese
Eating Smart: Cheese
This Evening's Weather
This Evening's Weather
Olympics - Men's Downhill
Olympics - Men's Downhill
George Elliott
George Elliott

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March 30, 2017
Created a page for memorable sponsors.

March 23, 2017
Added content to the following pages:

March 16, 2017
Added footage from Hurricanes Earl, Georges, and Mitch from 1998 to the Memorable Weather Events section.

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