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Page updated: September 17, 2014

For Everything You Do

The "For Everything You Do" campaign debuted on the evening of Sunday, June 29, 1986.

Based on footage from earlier in the day, the OCMs seemed really excited about the changes.

They also showed a promo with OCM Dennis Smith about the changes during the commercial breaks.

There was also an extremely cheesy theme song that was sung during a promo.

The changes that accompanied the new slogan included new promos, new shows, and the debut of the anchor format.

And by anchor format, I mean that many shows during the day had (at least) two OCMs.

One OCM (usually John Doyle or Charlie Welsh) read the weather headlines, much like they do on your local news.

The campaign received a bit of a makeover during the winter of 1989.

This included updated promos and several instrumental edits of the theme song.

These edits were added to the local forecast playlist around May 1989.

Below are some video clips highlighting the "For Everything You Do" campaign.