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Page updated: September 17, 2014

Local Forecast Intros

Believe it or not, before the debut of the graphical WeatherSTAR 4000, there was no formal introduction to the local forecast.

From the debut of The Weather Channel to about July 3, 1990, the local forecast was either introduced by an OCM or it appeared without warning.

From July 1990 to around 2002, there were only seven different intros.

The second intro came with the debut of a new slogan, "weather you can always turn to" in March 1991.

For some reason, The Weather Channel changed the intro three times between 1995 and 1996.

Later in 1996, The Weather Channel debuted a new slogan, "no place on earth has better weather."

Along with a new slogan came (among other things) a new local forecast intro.

It was also around this time that the local forecast became known as "Local On The 8s."

The name change was part of a new, simplified programming schedule.

In 1998, with "no place on earth has better weather" coming to an end, another intro debuted.

This intro was unique in two ways.

One, it was the only local forecast intro to not be associated with a widely used slogan (because there wasn't one until 2001).

And two, it changed to reflect the time of day.

The final batch of intros I'll cover debuted around 2001/2002.

For the "live by it" campaign, The Weather Channel produced several local forecast intros.

Some were generic, while others also fit in with the look of the segment they played during.

For example, there was an intro that looked like and only played during "Weekend Now."

Below are video clips of several local forecast intros.