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Page updated: September 17, 2014

Like most TV networks, The Weather Channel has used songs from a variety of production music libraries.

In case you're not familiar with the concept of a production music library, it's basically a collection of songs composed exclusively for commercial use.

This generally comes in the form of a TV or radio promo, but it can be just about anything.

The reason companies often use these is because the cost of licensing the music is generally a lot lower than licensing popular music.

From the late 1980s to the mid 1990s, The Weather Channel used numerous tracks from the Network Music library.

Up until 1993, these songs were mainly used in promos.

That all changed on July 1st, when the playlist that started three months earlier was replaced entirely with Network Music tracks.

It is not known why this happened, but I assume there was a licensing issue with BMI.

The April playlist mysteriously returned completely in tact on August 1st.

Network Music made a return appearance on the local forecast and Business Travel Forecast playlists on March 1, 1995 when every song from the playlist that began the previous month was replaced.

This playlist continued until mid August when a new set of Network Music tracks was introduced.

Songs from the Killer Tracks library were also featured in many Weather Channel promos from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s.

Interestingly, Killer Tracks purchased the Network Music library several years ago.

The only other production music library that we know The Weather Channel has used is De Wolfe.

So far I've only found two songs from that library that The Weather Channel used.

Below is a partial list of tracks that The Weather Channel has used in promos from all three companies.

I've also linked to the promo if I have a video clip of it. If there are any songs I've missed, please let me know.

De Wolfe Music

Clear Vision
Mountain Range - Version 1

Killer Tracks

Autumn Reverie
Easy Does It
Etude Brutus?
Fast Forward
Move It Or Lose It
Name Dropper
New Heights
Ol' Cooter Bites The Dust
On The Money
Salute The Heroes
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Slammin' Sam
Stephane's Reveille
Taste Of Paradise
Techno Torch
Umm! Umm!
Whistler's Stepmother

Network Music

A New Dawn
A Yuletide Waltz
Art Fest
Art Of Percussion
Auld Lang Syne
Capture The Moment
Christmas In The City
Day In The Park
Flame Of Victory
High Voltage
Highway 101
Indigo Rain
Jet Set
Long Ago
Mai Tai
Midnight Flyer
Morning Mist
Monterey Mist
Mustache Bill's
New England Sunrise
Newscape (Perspectives)
Once Upon A Time
Optical Illusion
Pushing The Limit
Rave Slave
Riding The Clouds
Salute To Sousa
Santa's Workshop
Saturday Smiles
Slow Heat
Southern Highways
Stars And Stipes Forever
Steam Heat
Sweet Summer
The Brightest Star
The Exiled
The Rockman Files
Winter Portrait
Young Exec