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Page updated: May 19, 2015

May 2, 1982

The big debut
The network signs on the air for the first time from its studios on Mt. Wilkinson Parkways in Atlanta. Premiere meteorologists are Bruce Edwards and Andre Bernier.


OCM departures
Original on-air meteorologists Andre Bernier and Karen Minton.


OCM arrivals
Marshall Seese, Jeff Morrow, Jeanetta Jones, Jim Cantore, and Marny Stanier.

June 20, 1986

For Everything You Do
The network relaunches as "The New Weather Channel," and includes a makeover of its on-air presentation complete with new set. New programming included "The Morning Report," "Weather and You," "Weather Watch," "Tomorrow's Outlook," "Pacific Outlook," "The Week Ahead," "This Weekend," and "Weekend Update." The morning and evening programming blocks are now anchored by Liz Jarvis and Dave Nemeth and Dennis Smith and Charlie Welsh, respectively. A new on-air campaign, "You Need Us For Everything You Do," is launched as well.


First special broadcasts
"Eye Of The Storm," a one-hour special with taped and live segments hosted by Colleen Wine, hurricane expert John Hope and meteorologist Glenn Schwartz is broadcast.

OCM arrivals
Dan Pope, Keith Westerlage, and Cheryl Lemke.

OCM departures
Gay Dawson, Neal Estano Jerry Tracey, and Colleen Wine.

September 1, 1987

New flavors added
A host of new Local Forecast flavors, including A, B and C (:50); H (1:00); J (3:00); and an unnamed 1:30 that was the forerunner to the more-familiar K flavor that premiered in 1990 debut.