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Music Playlists / December 1986

Page updated: April 13, 2015

You can also download a zip file of the official playlist(s) from BMI and/or The Weather Channel.

Please note that the PDF version of some of the playlists contains mispellings, incorrection information, and/or songs that never played. I have done my best to correct this. If you notice anything that isn't correct (or is missing), please contact me.

Artist Album Song
Alexander Zonjic Romance With You
Andreas Vollenweider Down to the Moon
Andreas Vollenweider White Winds
Billy Cobham Powerplay
Bob James And David Sanborn Double Vision
Brandon Fields The Other Side of the Story
St. Albans
Checkfield Water Wind and Stone
Chet Atkins Street Dreams
The Crystal Light
Chuck Mangione Save Tonight For Me
Cliff Sarde Waiting
No Name In Tucson
Sellin' The Store
Dan Siegel Another Time, Another Place
Dan Siegel Short Stories
A Day In The Country
I Have A Dream
The Concrete Jungle
David Benoit This Side Up
Linus And Lucy
Gato Barbieri Caliente
George Howard Love Will Follow
Hagood Hardy The Homecoming
The Homecoming
Interior Interior
Giant Steps
Ira Stein And Russel Walder A Winter Solstice
Ira Stein And Russel Walder Transit
Lost Time
Jackie King Night Bird
Jeff Lorber It's A Fact
Always There
Joe Sample Oasis
New Places New Faces
John Barry "Out of Africa" Motion Picture Soundtrack
John Barry "Somewhere in Time" Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jonathan Butler Introducing Jonathan Butler
Crossroads Revisited
Kenny G Duotones
Kenny Pore You Don't Know Me
Kent Jordan No Question About It
Larry Carlton And Michel Colombier Against All Odds: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Search
Liz Story Unaccountable Effect
Lonnie Liston Smith Rejuvenation
Frozen Lake
Mannheim Steamroller Saving the Wildlife
Mark Isham Vapor Drawings
Pat Metheny Group First Circle
End Of The Game
Patrick O'Hearn Ancient Dreams
Ramsey Lewis Fantasy
Rob Mullins Nite Street
Why She Went Away
Russ Freeman Nocturnal Playground
What She Really Wants
Sadao Watanabe Good Time for Love
I Love To Say Your Name
Love Birds Whisper In My Ear
Sandy Owen Boogie Woogie Rhythm and Blues
The Island Groove
Sandy Owen Euphonia
Shadowfax Dreams Of Children
Kindred Spirits
Shadowfax Too Far To Whisper
China Blue
The Torchbearer
Skywalk Silent Witness
Skywalk The Bohemians
From The Shadows
The Crossing
Spyro Gyra Alternating Currents
Spyro Gyra Breakout
Body Wave
Swept Away
Steps Ahead Modern Times
Tangerine Dream Underwater Sunlight
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" Motion Picture Sountrack
Tom Grant Just the Right Moment
Just The Right Moment
Tom Grant Take Me to Your Dream
UZEB Between the Lines
Wally Badarou Echoes
Yellowjackets Shades
One Family