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20 Minutes From April 27, 1991

Page updated: March 16, 2015

"Lightning" posted this on the forum the other day. The video was posted by "AirCastTV" and features a little over 20 minutes of Weather Channel footage from April 27, 1991 (though you'll see later in this post that it's actually over several days).

If the date April 27, 1991, sounds familiar to you, it's probably because that was the day after the infamous F5 tornado in Andover, Kansas. The tornado was actually part of an outbreak (something I forgot). Based on the only local forecast in the video, the footage was taped in Oklahoma City, OK.

The video starts with a partial 3 minute local forecast, featuring "Seguaro" by Lanz & Speer. The extended forecast page is interesting in that it contains the area title ("Oklahoma City" in this case). This version of the EF was brand new at the time. And the area titles were (to the best of my knowledge) added by hand. So apparently this STAR unit was one of the first to be updated.

Oklahoma City extended forecast

After the local forecast and station ID, Cheryl Lemke gives us a rundown of the storm reports from Thursday and Friday (the 27th was Saturday). She then reviews the current situation with a look at the satellite, a few radars, the current surface map, the severe weather forecast map, current watches, some jet steam maps, and finally the forecast.

The video then jumps to footage of Mike Bono giving the forecast. Based on the fact that he starts with Monday morning, I'm guessing we've jumped to Sunday afternoon or evening (possibly the Sunday before Memorial Day, based on the station ID near the end).

After that, we have a Troy-Bilt commercial (they were a frequent sponsor back then) followed by the "Travel Cities Forecast" with narration from the WeatherSTAR 3000. During this time, satellite viewers saw this during the local forecast. But those with a WeatherSTAR sometimes saw this when their local forecast failed to load. The song playing is "First Time Love" by Dave Grusin.

A promo for the "Business Travel Forecast" follows, as well as another local forecast. The loading error shows up again, but no narration this time. The music playing is "Love Struck" by George Howard. One of my favorite Weather Channel songs!

After a few commercials and a "tease" (that's a TV term) by Mike Bono, Charlie Welsh helps the EPA out with a filler segment called "Earth Answers." This one waxes poetic about the magic of florescent light bulbs.

The video ends with a Beltone commercial (huh?) and a special station ID for Memorial Day. The final segment is the satellite version of the local forecast, featuring "Escher Sketch" by Michael Brecker.

YouTube preview

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