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We Made the Front Page of Reddit! (And Other News)

Page updated: July 13, 2017

Yesterday I logged into my analyics account (which measures traffic to the site) to check on something, when I noticed that there were about 35 people viewing the site at that moment. That seemed odd to me. I've never really paid attention to this metric, but I'm guessing I generally have no more than a handful of visitors here at the same time.

Thinking that someone with a larger audience had linked to the site, I looked at the list of referring sites. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Hmm. So I looked again today and found that there was 8,500 visitors yesterday! Wow! I can't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that easily beat whatever the old record was.

I looked at the list of referring sites again and found that the bulk of the traffic came from a thread on Later today, I received an email from someone that said the thread was featured on the front page. Wow again!

TWC Classics has been mentioned in a few Reddit threads in the past, but none of them brought in much in terms of additional traffic. So whoever started that thread, and those of you who helped make it to the front page, THANK YOU! And if you came here from that thread, welcome!

While I'm posting about this, I might as well talk about future updates. If you're a regular here, you've no doubt noticed that I haven't added anything new in over three months. There are three reasons for this.
  1. I got a puppy last November, and he's taken up a lot of my free time.
  2. I haven't received any new content in awhile. There are several people who have promised to send me stuff, but so far haven't had the time.
  3. I've reconsidered my current content strategy of documenting everything in favor of a "best of" strategy.
To expand on that last item, when I had more free time, I was pretty interested in documenting every aspect of TWC. So whenever I came across a new promo or station ID, I would post it. Now that my time is more limited, I'm not really interested in doing this. I also don't think the average visitor here is hoping to find (for example) every bumper from 1987.

Now obviously this will result in removing a good chunk of content. And since this site gets most of its traffic from Google, I don't want to risk losing it by conducting an experiment like this. So I'll probably conduct it on a separate domain and see what happens. If it gets more traffic than this site, great. If not, no worries, I'll just leave this site as it is.

If you're interested in seeing this "best of" site, stay tuned! I will post more about it when it's ready for prime time. Oh and in case you missed the new, temporary logo, this month marks the 20th anniversary of this site! In case you don't know the story, I started this site during the summer before my senior year of high school.

One day, I discovered that my brother had made a website about Husker football. I asked him a few questions about how he did it and decided to create my own website. Since I planned on going to college and majoring in Meteorology, the first idea that came to mind was a website about The Weather Channel. So I created a small, ugly website using Claris Home Page and posted it on Geocities.

The Geocities site evolved into a larger site with a domain, Around that time, the site was profiled in an article in the Washington Post. A number of people saw the article and emailed me to thank me for creating the site. It was at that moment that I realized that this site had the potential to be more than a silly little project for me.

In the years that followed, the site changed names a few times before I settled on TWC Classics in 2004. Around that time, I began corresponding with a guy named Charles Abel. We eventually became really good friends and decided to work together on the site. I can honestly say that Charles was instrumental in breathing new life into the site. He created an awesome video section, which gave people a reason to come back (at least) every month.

With Charles as my co-webmaster, I tried a message board again. The first one I had in 2003 failed, but this time it was a winner! Over time, we had a lot of people sign up and post about a variety of topics. We even had a few employees of The Weather Channel as members!

Of course, nothing lasts forever. In 2007, Charles decided to focus more on his career aspirations. So he gave up his post as co-webmaster. And in 2010, when interest in the message board took a nose dive, I decided to close it. On a more positive note, a wave of contributions came to my mailbox from about 2008 to 2012.

When those contributions fizzled out, a second wave of contributions came in the form of converting old VHS tapes to DVD. In other words, old contributors found a way to convert their footage to DVD so I could post it on the site (I was never able to find a reliable method of converting VHS footage to digital video). Which brings us to today.

I really want to thank everyone who has visited this site over the past 20 years. According to some statistics I've seen, most sites don't even last a year. The fact that this site has been online for twenty is pretty amazing. Sure, most of that is due to my unrelenting interest in old promos, artwork, and jazz music. But I wouldn't have continued the site this long if I didn't have awesome people like you encouraging me with your emails and sending me contributions. So again, thank you! And here's to another great year at TWC Classics!

Let me know what you think about this post! Share your thoughts and memories on the TWCC Facebook group.