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Hawaii Local Forecasts

Page updated: September 17, 2014

Hawaii Local Forecasts

While I do have local forecasts from various cities, I thought the ones we received from a viewer in Honolulu, Hawaii were interesting enough to put them on their own page.

My friend and former TWC Classics co-webmaster Charles Abel received these video clips many years ago. Assuming my recollection of the story is accurate, the cable company that these clips were recorded from did not show The Weather Channel 24 hours a day.

The channel was shared with another network (I don't recall which one), which aired during the day. The Weather Channel aired during the overnight hours. Which made the network rather pointless. Honestly, what person that depends on an accurate local forecast is going to watch The Weather Channel at 2am? But I digress.

Another thing that made this WeatherSTAR 4000 unique were the errors. It was typical to have missing/no weather conditions. The weather icons also often had technical glitches. For example, the extended forecast was occasionally unreadable, with a huge block of yellow across the screen.

The final reoccurring glitch I'll mention is the radar. The radar apparently never worked. So whenever the screen was shown, it showed the "Radar Data Temporary" error. Yes, even the radar error message was partially missing! What's even weirder, the radar map was always of northwestern Washington, not Hawaii.

Below are video clips of each local forecast, along with the song title and artist. Every local forecast was recorded in 1997.

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