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Random Footage From December 1988

Page updated: July 31, 2015

With most of the country in the midst of a heat wave right now, I thought it would be appropriate to inject some coolness with some random footage from December 1, 1988. This footage comes from YouTube user "syferdet" in the form of three clips recorded from Trenton, New Jersey.

The first clip starts off with a promo for the 1989 Weather Guide calendar, followed by a local forecast. The local forecast features "Pico Pica" by Dave & Don Grusin. Near the end of the following year, this song would be part of the first playlist for "Prime Time Tonight."

Next we have the regional forecast segment with George Elliott, followed by another local forecast. The song playing during this one is "Rainbow Seeker" by Joe Sample. Interestingly, there's a program notice at the end of this local forecast. It reminds viewers to tune into "Tri State Weather," Saturday and Sunday at the top and bottom of the hour between 7am and 3pm.

YouTube preview

Clip number two begins with Jeanetta Jones (and her enormous hair) talking about NASA's next launch. This leads into "This Evening's Weather." Following that is a commercial for "The Radial Chain" and another local forecast. This one features "Take A Chance" by Dan Siegel as the background song.

After the local forecast, Jeanetta returns for the "Skier's Forecast" (east coast edition). After that is a promo for "WeatherView" (a call-in program featuring Liz Jarvis) and a "Business Travel Forecast." The song playing here is "As Long As It Lasts" by Joe Sample. The clip ends with another promo for the 1989 Weather Guide and Weather Folklore calendars and a bumper advertising "WeatherView."

YouTube preview

The third and final clip begins with the same bumper advertising "WeatherView" and another promo for the calendars. Following that is a station ID featuring a cover of "These Dreams" by Dennis Coffey (originally by Heart).

Next there's a local forecast featuring another cover song. This time it's "Walking In Your Footsteps" by Greg & Bev Smith (originally by The Police), which would be featured again as part of the June 1990 playlist.

Jeanetta returns after that for the "Western Update" segment. Then we have another local forecast. Did I mention these were every five minutes during this time? This one features "Sade" by Kenny G, which was played incessantly during this time.

Following that is the "Weekend Outlook" segment with Vince Miller. After that is a commercial for the "Shur Grip Cable Chain." The clip ends with Jeanetta doing the "International Weather" segment.

YouTube preview

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