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Shazam Finally Names That Tune!

Page updated: March 24, 2013

Today might be the greatest day of my life in terms of Weather Channel nostalgia! As much as I love Shazam (the smart phone app that can identify most songs by listening to them), I've never had much luck finding unknown Weather Channel songs with it. One song in particular, I've played for it several times with no luck. I did it again just now, thinking it would come up with nothing again. But no! It gave me a title and artist. Still, I figured it was wrong. So I looked it up on and about s*** my pants! It was right!!!

The unknown "known" as "unksaxy" on my Name That Tune page from 1990 has FINALLY been identified!! It's called "Potion" (I figured it had name like that) and is by an obscure jazz group called Moon August. According to, they only released one album in 1989 on a label I've never heard of. The only disappointing part is that "Potion" appears to be the only song TWC used, but I'm pretty stoked nonetheless! I've been searching for this song for nearly 15 years!

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