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Name That Tune

Page updated: June 7, 2016

These are clips of songs used on The Weather Channel that I have been unable to identify. The newest ones are at the top. If you know the artist of any of them, please let me know. Thanks!
  1. 1984-November-Unknown01 ["Locomotive" by Victor Feldman's Generation Band]
  2. 1984-November-Unknown02 ["Song for Kinyatta" by Alexander Zonjic]
  3. 1984-November-Unknown03 ["Song for Kinyatta" by Alexander Zonjic]
  4. 1984-November-Unknown04 ["Stick Together" by Victor Feldman]
  5. 1984-November-Unknown05 ["Rocket Love" by George Howard]
  6. 1985-February-Unknown01 ["The Mask Maker" by Group 87]
  7. 1985-February-Unknown02 ["Fuse It" by Fuse One]
  8. 1985-February-Unknown03 ["Come On Home" by Victor Feldman's Generation Band]
  9. 1985-May-Unknown01 ["Romance With You" by Alexander Zonjic]
  10. 1985-May-Unknown03 ["Secrets" by Wilton Felder]
  11. 1985-May-Unknown04 ["I Found You" by Wilton Felder]
  12. 1985-May-Unknown05 ["Love Light and Flight" by Dave Valentin]
  13. 1985-May-Unknown06 ["Groovacious" by Jeff Lorber]
  14. 1985-Summer-Unknown03 ["Low Visibility" by Victor Feldman's Generation Band]
  15. 1985-Summer-Unknown05 ["Silent Witness" by Skywalk]
  16. 1985-Summer-Unknown06 ["Pavane" by Kittyhawk]
  17. 1986-February-Business Travelers Report-Unknown01 ["Beyond The North Wind" by Sandy Owen]
  18. 1986-February-Unknown02 ["Old Movies" by Tom Grant]
  19. 1986-February-Unknown04 ["The Last Waltz" by Dan Siegel]
  20. 1986-June 04-Unknown01
  21. Unknown - 1996 100
  22. Unknown - 0686 keyboards
  23. Unknown - Unk952 ["On The Outskirts" by Feen Boyett]
  24. Unknown - Unk95 ["El Greco" by Feen Boyett]
  25. Unknown - unk11952
  26. Unknown - unk08963
  27. Unknown - unk0896
  28. Unknown - unk we wish you a merry xmas ["We Wish You A Merry Christmas" by The Plunketts]
  29. Unknown - C86 Unknown4 ["Gesu Bambino" by an unknown artist]
  30. Unknown - 85_05_Unknown ["Boogie Man Has The Blues" by New Pulse Jazz Band]
  31. Unknown - 05_Unknown