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Page updated: June 21, 2018

A look back at each slogan that The Weather Channel used from its debut to (eventually) the early 2000s.

Weatherproofing America (1984-1986)

Since I did not experience this campaign first-hand, and my footage from the time period is very limited, I asked TWCC contributor Rick L. to share his memories of it. Here's a slightly edited version (so that certain parts make sense on a website) of what he had to say:

"I always thought this was a very clever slogan, and I never understood why they dumped it after what was probably a relatively short time. I assume it was a short time, anyway.

I don't know for sure when it was introduced. I believe that they were using it when I first started watching regularly in late summer of 1984.

However, even though the slogan was apparently in use at that time, I'm not sure that the jingle was. I've attached a short ID that I believe was run immediately before a local forecast that summer, using the slogan but with some other bit of music.

I know that a new program schedule was introduced with some fanfare on October 1, 1984, which is when the 75-second local forecasts began, and it's possible that the Weatherproofing jingle was also introduced at that time.

As I recall, the original version of the jingle didn't include the lightning and thunder bit, although I don't have any recordings of that version. If a music-only version did in fact exist, I don't think it was used for very long, since I think every example I have includes thunder.

It's possible that the thunder was introduced for the following spring, to coincide with severe weather season, and was never removed after that. I'm pretty sure that there were two versions with the thunder, one where it was mixed-in as the music ended, and another where it was closer to the beginning.

There was a relatively long instrumental version of the Weatherproofing jingle, which I know was used as backing music for things such as segment and contest promos.

In fact, a particular contest promo I'm thinking about is one that ran not long after the Weatherproofing slogan was replaced by 'for everything you do' on the fateful afternoon of June 29, 1986 (which is also when the 75-second local forecasts ended).

I assume that there were words that went along with the longer version of the music for this campaign, but I have no memory of ever hearing them."

Here's some more variations of the jingle:

For Everything You Do (1986 - 1991)

The "For Everything You Do" campaign debuted on the evening of Sunday, June 29, 1986.

The OCMs mentioned the debut several times throughout the afternoon. There was also a promo with OCM Dennis Smith talking about the changes.

The changes that accompanied the new slogan included new promos, new shows, and the debut of the anchor format (ie. many shows had at least two OCMs presenting).

With the anchor format, one OCM (usually John Doyle or Charlie Welsh) read the weather headlines, and then the other reviewed the weather maps.

The campaign received a bit of a makeover during the winter of 1989 with updated promos.

Several instrumental edits of the theme song were added to the local forecast playlist around May 1989.

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