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Fall Foliage Report

The "Fall Foliage Report" was a mostly taped segment that debuted in 1988. During this segment, an OCM (on camera meteorologist) would present the fall foliage conditions across the country.

A map of conditions or recent video of trees in certain areas would accompany the presentation. The map showed the conditions as either "some color," "near peak," or "past peak." There were generally two maps shown. One for the east and one for the west.

The segment would show up with the first reports of color in early fall, and stop when most of the country was near or past peak conditions. The report was updated about once a week.

During the first year, Dave Watson presented the segment in front of the maps, followed by a list of recommended routes and areas.

Jim Cantore took over the following year when the report turned from a taped studio feature to a taped narrated one. If Jim was on vacation, another OCM would present the segment in the studio.

Jim was the primary narrator until the segment ended in 1995.

Music Playlist

Here's a near-complete list of the songs that were used each year.

Network Music - Imagination

Special EFX - A Place In The Sun
Chick Corea Elektric Band - Trance Dance
Alphonse Mouzon - Early Spring
Vince Guaraldi - Linus And Lucy
Max Groove - Crystal Dawn

Mark O'Connor - Light The Fire
The Rippingtons - Dreams
Pat Metheny Group - Slip Away
David Benoit - Linus And Lucy
David Benoit - Tropical Breeze
The Rippingtons - Welcome To The St. James' Club
John Nilsen - Parkway
The Rippingtons - Aspen
Mark Sloniker - Bright Wish
Mark Sloniker - Harpo's Tune

Tingstad & Rumbel - Hanging In Babylon
David Benoit - Things Are Getting Better

The Rippingtons - Tourist In Paradise

The Rippingtons - Tourist In Paradise

Network Music - Highway 101

Video Clips

Here's every "Fall Foliage Report" that I've posted on this site, in order by the year they were recorded.