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WeatherSTAR 4000 Simulator

For those of you who have always wanted your own WeatherSTAR 4000, this is your chance! Since a real WeatherSTAR 4000 costs thousands of dollars and requires equipment that cannot work outside of a cable company, Bill has spent countless hours putting together a program that simulates the WeatherSTAR 4000. Using his programming skills, as well as some fonts and graphics created by Charles Abel and Nick Smith, he not only created a program that looks like the WeatherSTAR 4000, but is fully functional!

You can customize it by adding cities to a regional map that you select, pick your current conditions location, and so on. It will also download accurate and timely weather conditions, forecasts, and local radar data right to your desktop from the National Weather Service. Other features include animated WeatherSTAR 4000 icons, a scrolling Travel Cities Forecast (with editable cities), editable flavors, editable music playlists (play songs from your collection), and more! It even has narration from Dan Chandler, who did the narration for the real WeatherSTAR 4000 on The Weather Channel. Every WeatherSTAR 4000 screen is available, except for the marine forecast and tides.

Visit the official message board at to download it. If you'd like to see the program in action, check out these video clips I created.