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Page updated: September 27, 2022

There are several ways that you can contribute to TWC Classics:
  • Identify a song on the Name That Tune page.
  • Send me new footage to post. I accept downloadable files, but prefer DVDs. I can also transfer VHS to DVD if you have tapes but no way to digitize them.
  • Submit a local forecast playlist that isn't currently listed.
  • Add to or correct any information found on the site.

If you can contribute anything listed above, please contact me.


TWC Classics wouldn't be possible without following individuals and their generous contributions! If you contributed something and I left you out, please let me know.

  • Charles A.
  • Nick S.
  • Layne B.
  • Shaun R.
  • Stephen T.
  • Mike M.
  • Mike C.
  • Alex N.
  • Richard M.
  • Rick L.
  • Russ K.
  • Shaun G.
  • Travis E.
  • Wayne H.
  • Craig L.
  • Chuck W.
  • Matt G.
  • Andy B.
  • Adam D.