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Updates / May 30, 2019


Added images to the Business Travel Forecast (1989), Random, and Segments (1989) pages. Also added video clips to the Bumpers (1989), Intros (1989), Local Forecasts (1989), OCMs (1989), Promos (1989), Specials, Sponsors, and Station IDs (1989) pages.

New Images

Good Afternoon Forecast

Good Afternoon Forecast (1989)

Posted in: Segments

Pacific Briefing times

Pacific Briefing times (1989)

Posted in: Random

Schoolday Forecast

Schoolday Forecast (1989)

Posted in: Segments

Today's Forecast

Today's Forecast (1989)

Posted in: Segments

Weather and Your Health

Weather and Your Health (1989)

Posted in: Segments

New Video

100% Colombian Coffee

100% Colombian Coffee (1989)

Posted in: Sponsors

Days Inn

Days Inn (1989)

Posted in: Sponsors


Folgers (1989)

Posted in: Sponsors

Liz Jarvis

Liz Jarvis (1989)

Posted in: OCMs


Michelin (1989)

Posted in: Sponsors


Michelin (1989)

Posted in: Sponsors

Mill on a snowy day

Mill on a snowy day (1989)

Posted in: Station IDs

Morning Report

Morning Report (1989)

Posted in: Intros

On Shaky Ground / Intro

On Shaky Ground / Intro (1989)

Posted in: Specials

United Airlines

United Airlines (1989)

Posted in: Sponsors

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