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Home » Updates » February 13, 2020

Updates / February 13, 2020


Added images to the Random and Segments (2001) pages. Also added video clips to the Business Travel Forecasts (2001), Intros (2001), Local Forecasts (2001), and Promos (2001) pages.

New Images

Daytona 500 forecast

Daytona 500 forecast (2001)

Posted in: Random

Weekend Outlook

Weekend Outlook (2001)

Posted in: Segments

New Video

First Outlook

First Outlook (2001)

Posted in: Promos

Hot Planet

Hot Planet (2001)

Posted in: Promos

Local Forecast / Morning

Local Forecast / Morning (2001)

Posted in: Intros

The Weather Classroom

The Weather Classroom (2001)

Posted in: Intros

Weather Center

Weather Center (2001)

Posted in: Intros

Weather Center AM

Weather Center AM (2001)

Posted in: Intros / E-mail / E-mail (2001)

Posted in: Promos

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner (2001)

Posted in: Intros

You'll get the real story

You'll get the real story (2001)

Posted in: Promos

Your Weather Today

Your Weather Today (2001)

Posted in: Promos

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